Having WordPress SEO Plugins on your blog or website is a must. After testing several over the last couple of months, I have narrowed it down to two very good ones.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

       Considered by many to be top SEO plugin available, WordPress SEO by Yoast offers a broad range of features to help you take care of technical optimization aspects and to also write better content. The plugin forces you to choose a focus keyword when writing an article to populate it throughout the content. The robust list of features for this plugin include: snippet previews, page analysis, automatically optimizing and inserting meta tags, link elements, XML sitemaps, RSS optimization, breadcrumbs, editing your .htaccess and robots.txt file, social integration, import & export functionality, Google News SEO module and much more.

        The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that you install on your site to remind you of the key SEO elements for each post:- title, tags, keywords, length, URL elements.  It has a radio button that turns from red to green when you have all the elements in place.  If you write an interesting post and pay attention to these core elements you will definitely increase your chances of getting picked up by search engines.

  • Scribe by Copyblogger Media 

        Scribe is another plugin that works with WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast to give you more features which makes it easier to optimize a blog or website. While scribe is $97 a month (it is a little expensive) however they do offer a 30 day free trial, it has a lot more features.

After writing your blog, scribe automatically fills in the meta description and title that the search engines will see, and after analyzing the content gives a site score and page score between 0 and 100 and suggestions of how to increase those scores.

As you can see above my site score for this post is 50 and page score 100. While they consider anything above 50 for a site score is good, there is still room for improvement and scribe gives suggestions to improve it. The page score of 100 is a perfect score and the page is optimized to its best.


           When you go back to the post editor scribe shows you your scores on the right hand side as above. It also has keyword a research tool where you can type in the keywords you want to use and scribe will tell you what related keywords are ranking the best on Google. Another really cool feature is the internal link building tool, you can select a term and scribe will tell you other posts on your site using that term you can link to. This internal linking also helps improve the seo score.

          After making a couple of minor changes to a keyword and adding a link to another post on my blog as you can see above my site score has jumped to 62, still not perfect but an improvement. With just a few more tweaks that Scribe recommended it is easy to push the seo score to 100 and have a perfect seo optimized site that will start ranking higher in the search engines.

        Both these WordPress SEO Plugins are excellent, while most people will prefer the free WordPress SEO by Yoast, and this does a fantastic job of optimizing a blog, paying $97 a month for Scribe will take seo on your site to another level.


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