A lot of people have been asking me lately ‘Why Use Epic Squeeze – Pro Version’. The simple answer is…because it is the easiest and quickest way to make a squeeze page for your Email Marketing Business. Epic Squeeze – Pro Edition is not free, but at $47 for an all site license it would have to be the most valuable resource for anyone with an online business. Epic Squeeze really is a must have plugin for anyone wanting to make a squeeze page.


Epic Squeeze – PRO Version Features :

1. 1 Click Stunning Image Background Search
2. Vertical or Horizontal Squeeze page layout
3. 20+ eyeball smacking Headline Fonts and Reverse type format option
4. Name and email or Email only form option for your subscriber
5. Total Opt-in Box Opacity control
6. Redirect International non-Premium Traffic to a separate Squeeze pages (Pro Version)
7. 10 Sizzling Call to action visual Effects to instantly grab visitors attention
8. Geo Targetting 1 call Outs (Pro Version)
9. Numeric Decay meter (Pro Version)
10. Youtube Video Squeeze page Background with custom video start time
11. Built-in Live traffic tracker
12. 1 Click exit spals style Exit Pop!
13. A Sizzling Array of eyeball grabbing submit buttons to choose form
14. Unlimited Site license (Pro Version)

Sample Squeeze pages:

epic squeeze pics

I will be showing you how to install the Epic Squeeze – Pro Version plug in to WordPress and how to use it to create stunning Squeeze Pages in a matter of minutes.

How to install Epic Squeeze – Pro Edition plugin to WordPress.

How To Use Epic Squeeze – Pro Edition


                          There you have it, just play around with it until you get your squeeze looking the way you want and click PUBLISH.

                         Some of the images for the background you may select can be of poor quality, you just have to find one that looks good. Once it is published you can now drive traffic to your squeeze.

You can Purchase Epic Squeeze – Pro Edition Here