Top 15 Resources For Internet Marketing.

                     To be successful at internet marketing there are a few tools and websites that are a must have. I am briefly going to describe the Top 15 Resources For Internet Marketing I use regularly with my online business. Feel free to comment below on some top tools you use that I have not mentioned. Click on the images to view the site.

1) Getresponse

               getresponse-logo 2Before anyone even starts Internet Marketing, first and foremost you will need an autoresponder. An autoresponder or AR as they are known is used to collect email address’s, this is the main source of making an online income. Sure, you can sell affiliate products without one, but if you do not collect the leads (email address’s) while doing that you are leaving a lot of money on the table. There are a few AR’s to choose from but my personal preference is Get Response. They offer a 30 day Free trial and then $19.95 a month. The price does go up gradually as your list grows, but like any business the bigger it gets the more money you outlay.

2) Namecheap

namecheap                  Namecheap is my preference for registering a domain name, while there are choices of services to choose from, I find this one the cheapest and the best to use. Most domains cost $9.95 a year to register with namecheap, you can shop around but you will find this is relatively cheap compared to others.

3) Hostgator

hostgator 3 resized                 Once you have a domain you will need somewhere to host it, and HostGator is my favorite and probably one of the best going around. Once again you can shop around but I don’t think you can go past HostGator. It is around $9.95 a month to host a domain on HostGator.

4) WordPress

wordpress logo                  Once you have a domain name and hosting you will need to install wordpress. This is an extremely popular resource for building squeeze pages, web pages, sales pages, membership pages, any sort of website you could possibly want. With the thousands of themes and plugins to choose from wordpress is very powerful.

5) Skype 

skype                  I use Skype everyday constantly, talking to fellow marketers by messages or calls. There are numerous Internet Marketing rooms to find swaps or solo’s, find out the lastest JV news, have questions or need help with anything, there is always someone on skype willing to help.

6) FileZilla

                 filezillaFileZilla is a FTP program which allows you to transfer files back and forth between your computer and your web hosting account. I try to avoid this whenever possible (preferring to upload via WordPress) but still sometimes it’s necessary and it’s a great skill to learn (not very difficult at all once you’ve done it a few times).

7) Snagit/Jing

jingsnagit2                 Quite often there is a need to take a snapshot of your screen or record a video of your screen to share with other people, these two have got it covered. They are both from, Jing is free but limited in capabilities, Snagit costs $49 but you get a free trial to try it out before you buy, but you get a lot more options. Snagit is brilliant for making fast adjustments to images such as resizing and cropping. I also use it extensively for working with the images I use for Facebook Ads. As close to as a “must have” as it gets in my book!

8) Camtasia Studio

                  camtasiaAll my videos are edited and produced using this. It’s not perfect but it is fun to use and gets the job done fast. One of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business. If you want to record a professional quality video Camtasia is the one for you. It is rather expensive, but you do get a 1 month free trial.

9) Notepad ++

                  notepad++ If you have a PC then you’ll automatically have Notepad which is a simple text editor. However, I highly recommend using Notepad++ instead as it gives you slightly more features and in particular supports multiple tabs open at the same time.  I store my daily “TODO” list in it and lots of template emails I use for customer support and communicating with outsourcers and joint venture partners.

10) Fiverr

                   fiverrThe best outsourcing resource going around, if you need a banner made or a video voice over, or pretty much anything, fiverr has the people to do it for you. And as the name suggests, it costs five bucks!





                   There are the tools and resources I use and recommend to anyone, but in order to make money online you will need to find things to sell and payment processors to pay you. Here are the ones I use.

11) PayPal

paypal2                     PayPal is a must have payment processor, this should be the first one you set up. A lot of payments from offers sold will be paid to paypal so make sure you have an account as soon as you

12) Clickbank

clickbank2                    Has been around for years, you have probably heard of it. They have thousands of things to promote in any niche you could think of. Clickbank starts paying by check, but after 3 checks have been banked and cleared the money is deposited straight to your bank account every week/fortnight, whatever you prefer. The negative side of clickbank is there tends to be a lot of refunds.

13) Clicksure

clicksure2                      Very similar to clickbank, but has CPA offers as well and pays fortnightly into your bank. They both have their pro’s and con’s and have different offers to promote. Same as clickbank, unless you promote CPA offers there tends to be a lot of refunds.


jvzoo                      Jvzoo deposits money directly to your PayPal account every time you make a sale. A lot of people prefer this because there is no waiting around for 2 weeks for your money. They to have offers to promote in every niche.

15) CashNetwork

cashnetwork2                  This is my personal favorite, they only have CPA offers (cost per action) which means you are paid a certain amount of money per sale (depending on the offer, could be between $10 and $300) and there are no refunds ever!! Cashnetwork is paid into your Paypal or bank every Friday no fail.

                 There you have it, my top 15 resources/tools I use and recommend for my internet marketing business, if you have anymore to add please feel free to comment below and let me know.