How To Find Good Long Tail Keywords That are Winnable in the Search Engines (This One is CRUCIAL!!!!) Finding Long Tail Keywords for Search Engine optimization is critical for getting your page ranked on Google search engines.

This is the HARDEST and also the most IMPORTANT step in the entire process.

How To Find Good Long Tail Keywords for Search Engine optimization that:

  • Have Commercial Intent – Somebody wants to buy something. Or advertisers will pay big bucks to post ads.
  • Gets Decent Traffic – Doesn’t need to be thousands of searches per month. But at least 800 or more searches would be nice.
  • Is Not TOO Competitive to Rank – Traffic is going to come from the search engines we need to get on that darn first page of Google.

A lot has been written about the importance of long-tail keywords for SEO campaigns. I know it’s hard to convince people that pursuing long-tail keywords that result in less search volume is actually a better long-term strategy than pursuing more appealing core terms with high search volume.

People’s keyword searches are increasingly moving toward long-tail because natural language search is becoming more popular and pervasive, especially with the momentum of mobile technology and search. But unlike the fiercely competitive field of core keywords, it’s hard to precisely identify the right long-tail keywords to focus on for your SEO campaigns.

Google’s very own Suggest and Related Keywords offer some insights into the most-used long-tail keywords in search. Google Suggest is the auto-suggest that automatically drops down when you start typing keywords into the search field.

Most of the keywords that appear there are what real people have actually searched for. Once you type in a search query, Google provides a set of related keywords at the end of the page, including a few that are long-tails and potentially worth pursuing. Of course, you’ll want to vet them before you take it any further.

These Video’s shows How To Find Good Long Tail Keywords for SEO.

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How to Identify Long-Tail Keywords to Fuel Your PPC Strategy

02/17/2013 21:58
Long Tail Keyword SEO
Have you noticed how lots of people enter when they are performing a web longer terms search? search? That is basically because it’s a more organic way of looking for something. They are expecting to get an specific match through this search.

This phrase is a long-tail key phrase. It goes mostly unnoticed by organizations attempting to improve their positions.

Finding the correct long-tail keywords is a time-consuming task, and needs a reasonable amount of analytic ability. Envision culling out hundreds of long – tail keywords, that might have reduced research matters, everyday however they’re being researched!

Interestingly, if you have a comprehensive listing of long-tail keywords, and you begin targeting them through optimisation strategies, you’ll find an increase in the visitors on your site.

The more study we conduct, the more value is seen by us in seeking with long – tail keywords, instead of top – line keywords. Among the reasons is that a user searching a long-tail keyword is closer to the buy point, than the user searching a top-line keyword.

You will want to explore the power that long-tail keywords can bring you? We had be content to make an example set of long-tail keywords for the industry. You’ll be surprised to find how fast your firm may be position using long-tail keywords.

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