How To Build A Profitable Email List For Email Marketing.


      One of the easiest way to make money online is Email Marketing. You have probably heard the expression “the money is in the list” numerous times before, and this is so true. If you havn’t got your own email list now, then you are missing out on some easy money! So I am going to explain in this blog How To Build A Profitable Email List.


       The first step is you will need an Autoresponder, while there are a lot to choose from I recommend Get Response. getresponse-logoThey offer a 30 day FREE Trial and is easy to use. Once you have signed up for an account you will need to create a campaign (which will be your list name) and create a new Web Form. This will be an optin box which will be placed in your squeeze page (more about that later).

Here is a short video showing the steps to creating a web form.

          Once you have created a web form and have the code, you will now need to find a Free product to give away, there are hundreds at Master Resell Rights. Just make sure that the product you choose is listed as (able to give away!) Some are Private Label Rights (PLR) or Master Resell Rights (MRR) and are not to be given away. Most of the products you do find will come with a squeeze page that can be uploaded into your cpanel of your domain by using a free File Transfer Protocol (ftp), Filezilla is a good one.

 Below is a video showing how to download and use filezilla.

            If you don’t like the squeeze page that comes with the product you can build your own. I highly recommend using WordPress with a plugin called Epic Squeeze Pro Edition. Epic Squeeze virtually builds the squeeze page for you, makes it very easy to insert the web form code, you don’t need to know html coding and it tracks conversions for you. Once you have WordPress installed you can also start blogging using wordpress which is a very good way to make money as well, although blogging can take time to get ranked high on google.

wordpress logo 2

           I am assuming of course that you already have a domain and hosting, if not I have gone into more detail of that and setting up wordpress here. Once you have your squeeze page done, you can start driving traffic there to collect leads. You can do that by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to get ranked in the search engines, or by doing adswaps or buying solo’s.

Adswapping is basically finding someone who will send your offer to their list and you send their offer to your list. A Solo is you pay money to another marketer to send your offer to their list. This is the best way to start with for someone just getting started with little or no leads, but it does cost between .30 and .50 cents a click, depending on who you buy from. There are lots of adswap and solo groups on Skype, Facebook and the Warrior Forum and Safe Swaps is a dedicated swapping and solo site that you can join. There is always people on these forums willing to sell a solo or do an adswap.

Once your list grows you can send any offer you want to them, affiliate products on Clickbank, Clicksure or any of the other numerous affiliate sites out there. Our you may have your own products in other niches you can send to your list to make money.

So there are the basics of How To build a profitable email list, I will go into more detail of each component in a seperate  blog post in the next day or two.