I get asked this question all the time…

“Can Empower Network Really Make Money?”

The answer is Absolutely.

All you need to do is two things.

a.) Follow all the steps, and
b.) Don’t quit.

That’s all, it is that simple.

And it’s pretty much the same thing in any direct sales company.

Especially if you’re in a good company that actually has a system in place and a marketing funnel that takes all the complexities out of the process.

A. Follow the steps
B. Don’t quit.

That’s all. It’s not hard. Don’t get me wrong following those two steps is easy, it can be time consuming and a little daunting getting traffic to your blog or Empower Network site. That is where a lot of people give up and file it in the to hard basket, and start calling SCAM. Like anything in life if you persist you will get it right and succeed. Once you learn the basics of blogging and driving traffic using SEO tactics you WILL eventually succeed.

Once you start blogging, you will continually learn new things daily, I am still learning myself, from targeting longtail keywords, SEO, Google adwords to Google adsense, its all one big learning curb, but the trick is….

Never, ever, ever give up.

Don’t be like the other 98% of Marketers and give up because the truth is only 2% of people succeed online.

When I first started Internet Marketing 5 years ago I made a Commitment to myself.

The moment I made that commitment and decided that I WOULD NEVER QUIT…

…I guaranteed my success 100%.

But the problem is that people like to look at a company’s income disclosure — (Empower Network has a great one) — and see that X number of people are in the lower levels of income…

…and they want to know what the “odds” are that they will be able to do better than them.

And again, it’s not about the “odds”.

How Can My Odds Of Success With Empower Network Be 100%

Just as a person can DECIDE to do any other thing in life, do the steps and not quit until they succeed…..

…..the same is true for your odds of success with Empower Network.

There are no “odds” of success.

The question is: will you follow the steps and get what you came for?

I’ll end with this:

MOST people who go on diets quit.
MOST people who try college drop out.
MOST people who start law school quit.

This is simply the status quo to quit before getting the rewards.

But not following the status quo is just a decision.

It’s got nothing to do with the “odds”.

Why will I be a success in Empower Network?

Because I DECIDED to be. And then I followed up on that decision with CONSISTENT ACTION…..and wouldn’t quit until I achieved it.

So Can Empower Network Really Make Money…Of course it can, but it is entirely up to you, and how much you are willing to put into it.

And remember Quitters are LOSERS and WINNERS are grinners!

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