Hello! I’m Andrew Loney…


I am 52, live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and I make my living online.

For 25 years, I had worked a 9-5 job (or more accurately a 6-4 job!) and was lucky enough to be fairly successful (working in the building industry as a plasterer). However, I knew something was missing…


I never enjoyed my old job, up at 5am to start at 6 and wouldn’t get home until after 5pm, 6 days a week. All I did was work, eat and sleep(I guess a lot of people can relate to that) I needed more Freedom to spend time with my family.

So, in January 2008 I began “experimenting” online. Coming from literally zero knowledge of the internet and how to make money on it, the first few months were a massive learning curve and also pretty frustrating.

But I kept at it.

In May 2009 I was confident enough in my progress to take the leap and go full time with my online business.

Today, I feel so lucky to be working for myself and running my online business. It allows me the freedom to plan my days, take holidays/vacations and see my family and friends whenever I choose.

For me this is far more motivating than the money.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

As I mentioned, I found the first few months of my online journey difficult and awash with failed ideas. Looking back I believe the main reason for this was I just couldn’t see through the “fog” of information overload.

No wonder, there is just so much marketing in the “make money online” space. Marketers marketing to other marketers! How on earth are less experienced online marketers supposed to be able to sort the good advice and information from the bad?

So, this is my ongoing goal for Onlinewithandrewloney. To help you with high quality advice and good solid information that I wish I had known myself in the early days.

Plus, I’ve always enjoyed helping and teaching people, so starting this site seemed even more compelling.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks and speak soon!